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In order to be convicted on any criminal charge, prosecutors must be able to demonstrate with reliable evidence that, beyond a reasonable doubt, the defendant is guilty of the crimes alleged. For a criminal defense attorney, one of the important ways to build a strong case is to carefully scrutinize the evidence and testimony presented by prosecutors to determine whether there are any weak points.

When the evidence is inherently weak, a skilled criminal defense attorney will highlight that fact for the court and advise the court on the verdict or judgment appropriate to the strength of the case. In some cases, prosecutors may not be able to convict on one charge due to a lack of evidence, but may have sufficient evidence to convict on a lesser or related charge. 

This is what seems to have happened in a Baltimore County case against a man accused of attempting to rape a 98-year-old woman in her Rodgers Forde home last year. Although the man was acquitted of attempted first- and second-degree murder charges, as well first- and second-degree rape and robbery charges, he did end up being convicted on charges of assault, burglary and other related charges.

Regardless of the type of charges one is facing, it is critical to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands what to look for in scrutinizing the evidence and how to advocate for the rights of a defendant in the criminal process. A skilled defense attorney cannot guarantee any particular outcome in a case, but can ensure that everything is done to give a defendant the best possible positioning for a beneficial outcome. 

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