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In our last post, we spoke about the FBI’s recent admission that thousands of criminal cases may have been affected by faulty hair analysis testimony. As we pointed out, there are bound to be a significant number of appeals stemming from the scandal, which itself is a reminder of the importance of working with an experienced criminal defense attorney to carefully scrutinize the evidence brought by prosecutors.

As readers know, prosecutors rely heavily on law enforcement agencies for the evidence they use to build criminal cases, and criminal investigators are far from being infallible. Various issues can arise with respect to criminal investigations, from search and seizure issues to improper implementation of investigative tools and inaccurate forensic analysis. It all depends on the type of case involved and the tools and processes law enforcement officials used to investigate the alleged crime.

In building a strong criminal case, a defendant always needs to be aware of the potential issues that can arise with respect to different types of evidence and the how to navigate the legal process so as to have improper or weak evidence either thrown out or carefully highlighted at trial. Knowing one’s rights gives a criminal defendant the ability to give their case a fighting chance at trial.

Navigating issues of evidence requires a thorough knowledge of the rules of evidence and, where appropriate, the science that underlies different forms of evidence. The average criminal defendant is simply unable to handle these matters competently on his or her own, and having an experienced advocate can make all the difference.

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