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When law enforcement officials go after offenders, one of their goals is to gather as much evidence as possible for the most serious charges they can muster. Make no mistake, law enforcement is not out to do criminal suspects any favors in terms of leniency in charging.

A recent Baltimore case demonstrates this quite well. The case stems from an investigation of a drug organization led by two brothers who purchased cocaine from New York City and distributed it in Harford and Baltimore counties as crack cocaine. Authorities took the organization down law month, and so far three leaders and 15 associates have been indicted. 

Authorities reportedly knew about the organization’s operations since 2007, but waited to dismantle it until recently because of an inability to bring substantial charges against the entire organization. Although sources weren’t specific about the course of the investigation and the type of evidence needed to seek out significant charges, it goes without saying that a lot of legwork was done to gather the kind of evidence need to sink the drug ring. Law enforcement officials, of course, have a great deal of resources at their disposal for this very purpose.

One interesting point about the case is that the sheriff’s office, which investigated the case, chose not to bring in federal authorities in since the penalties for the offenders were greater at the state level because man of the suspects have violent criminal histories. That isn’t surprising, though, given the goals of law enforcement.

The point we’re trying to make here is that those who face drug charges or any criminal charges need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to build the strongest case possible. Doing so ensures that they have the best shot of defending themselves on equal footing with those whose job it is to put offenders away for a living.  

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