Defending drivers after failed field sobriety tests in Maryland

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At the law offices of Charles L. Waechter, we know that not all accused individuals are guilty. After all, ensuring the protection of the rights of innocent individuals is what leads many attorneys to the legal profession. For those who were arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated in Maryland because of failed field sobriety tests, our attorney can build strong defenses tailored to their individual situations.

In Maryland, drivers have the choice to refuse to submit to sobriety testing. This right extends to the right to refuse field sobriety tests. However, most drivers, with hopes of passing the tests, do submit, and many find themselves facing DUI or DWI charges as a result.

Fortunately for these drivers, there are defense strategies that have proved effective in Maryland courts. For example, fatigue or poor coordination resulting from medical conditions has often caused drivers who were not inebriated to fail sobriety tests. Some prescription medications can also cause drivers ? who were perfectly capable of driving ? to fail sobriety tests. In other cases, inclement weather, such as snow, rain or high winds, has made it impossible for drivers to pass sobriety tests.

Failed field sobriety tests do not have to mean serious consequences for Maryland drivers. If you were arrested for DUI or DWI and you feel that your field sobriety test was administered incorrectly, or that there were adverse conditions that resulted in your failure, help is available. You can find more information about how the law office of Charles L. Waechter may be able help you by visiting our website.

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