Factors that might make someone drunk, you drunker

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Have you ever been partying with friends or family, enjoying your favorite alcoholic concoctions, and wondered how the person next to you seems so drunk when you feel just fine? Or maybe you are the so-called “light-weight” who just can’t keep up with your buddy’s drinking pace. 

Understanding your tolerance and what might impact your level of intoxication is important in order to try to avoid dangerous and legal situations. Your friend might be able to have three beers and legally drive. You, however, might not physically have that ability.

Science plays a role in how individuals react to alcohol. While maybe not understanding exactly how the science works, one can still think about the following factors and how they might specifically impact their level of intoxication:

Do you have food in your system? Food slows down your body’s reaction to alcohol. One study even suggests that the sugar from a non-diet soda can reduce one’s level of intoxication. So, have some peanuts with that beer, or some cheese with that glass of wine.

Are you older than your buddy? Research shows that age can impact levels of intoxication. Those who are younger show fewer signs of intoxication than older adults with the same BAC levels. You might understand this factor if you are an older adult who has tried to drink like when you were in college and woken up to feel even older than you did the night before. 

In an upcoming post, we will talk about more individual factors that might impact one’s level of impairment. Knowledge like this can help keep you from becoming too drunk to drive.

Still, someone who has been arrested for suspicion of drunk driving in Baltimore should not give in to the notion that they were drunk and the arrest is their fault. A DUI defense lawyer can discuss your legal options and talk you through the important aspects of your individual case.

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