The importance of thorough investigation re drunk driving charges

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Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in Maryland places your reputation, driving privileges and potential future success at risk. When conducting a search or making an arrest, law enforcement agents are bound to adhere to a strict set of regulations and protocol that protect the personal rights of the accused. Building a strong defense against drunk driving charges often hinges upon the conducting of a thorough investigation into the details leading up to and following an arrest.

Charles L. Waechter is an experienced criminal defense attorney serving clients in Baltimore, Bel Air and surrounding areas. He brings more than 40 years of experience to the courtroom on behalf of clients charged with alcohol-related crimes. He is prepared to launch an immediate and thorough investigation on your behalf in order to determine if any of your personal rights have been violated during interactions with law enforcement agents and officials. 

A common concern of those arrested for intoxicated driving is whether a driver’s license will be suspended. Typically, to help avoid a license suspension, a defendant must request a hearing with the Motor Vehicle Administration within 10 days of an arrest. Charles L. Waechter can act on your behalf at that hearing and during all further meetings with court officials and law enforcement agents throughout the legal process. As an experienced defense lawyer, he understands what issues to raise, how to build a strong defense and which options to pursue to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

By arranging a free consultation, you can begin immediately to determine what aspects, if any, of the drunk driving charges against you may be challenged in court. You can seek clarification of Maryland law and the difference between criminal court penalties and those potentially imposed by the Motor Vehicle Administration. With experienced legal counsel on your side, you can make informed decisions about how best to proceed regarding these matters and all of your current legal challenges.

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