Prostitution is more than the oldest profession

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Prostitution, despite some popular portrayals, is more than a simple transaction between a client and provider. It is done on the streets, in massage parlors, over the Internet or in someone’s home. It is a complicated exchange that can implicate criminal conduct even before the actual sexual act takes place. This article will go over how a “John” (a purveyor of commercial sex) can become implicated in a crime, even before money or services are exchanged.

Regardless of the documentary you watched or article you read, prostitution is illegal almost everywhere in the United States, with the exception being specific areas of Nevada and those establishments are heavily regulated. So, you can get arrested and charged for prostitution everywhere else.

The level of illegality depends upon the state and county in which you were arrested. In some states soliciting (or asking) for sex is illegal. Other states prohibit the arrangement of sex, this law targets “pimps.” Essentially, whether or not you committed a crime depends upon where you are arrested.

Solicitation, unlike prostitution, is the other half to the sex for money exchange. Offering sex and trying to purchase sex are both illegal acts (to varying degrees). It is also important to bear in mind that solicitation is a crime in and of itself. The person “offering” sex does not have to intend to complete the transaction. This is how the police are able to set-up “sting” operations to catch Johns in the middle of the act. Furthermore, solicitation is an intent crime. Therefore, if you are arrested right before you are able to hand the money over ? you can still be charged with the crime. Your actions demonstrated your intent to complete the transaction, which is sufficient.

These crimes may seem straightforward but they are not. If you are facing solicitation charges then you may want to consult with an attorney. Sex crimes can carry serious consequences far into your personal and professional life. A sex crime charge could damage your reputation, place you on the sex offender registry and carry other serious penalties. Be proactive and confront these charges head on before you lose control of the situation.

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