Will ignition interlocks be imposed in all Maryland DUI cases?

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For those wondering whether Maryland’s lawmakers want harsher penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a recent vote should resolve any doubts.

Just a few days ago, the state House Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a driving ignition lock bill called “Noah’s Law.” The bill is named after the police officer that was fatally injured by a drunk driver in Montgomery County last December. The approval means that the bill will proceed to the full House for a vote. 

Under current law, only defendants convicted of driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or higher might be subject to the ignition lock penalty. The proposed bill would lower that BAC level to 0.08, or the legal limit. If it passes, Maryland would join approximately 25 other American states in imposing the penalty for all drunk driving convictions.

As we observe on our criminal defense website, the cost of pleading guilty to a DUI or DWI charge may far outweigh any legal costs accrued in building a strong defense. That observation may be even more on point if the proposed bill becomes law.

Our attorneys are experienced in exploring multiple areas of DUI and DWI defense strategy. We review the police record for any procedural errors, such as unlawful discrepancies between the initial stop and subsequent field sobriety or breath testing. We also work to hold prosecutors to their burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A strong defense might result in lesser charges or a more favorable outcome.

Source: WTOP, “Drunk driving ignition lock bill advances in Md.,” Neil Augenstein, March 4, 2016

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