Can you get a DUI charge off your record?

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A driving under the influence (“DUI” and also “DWI”) charge is one of the easiest charges for which people can get arrested. It is also one of the charges that can follow you around for years, impacting your future employment, education and other life developments. There are ways to get these charges removed from your record, but each state is different. This article will go over the basics of an expungement and how it could help you.

Expungement, also referred to as sealing or setting aside a conviction, operates differently depending on your state. Some states allow you to totally remove the conviction as if it never happened. Other states allow expungements on some convictions but not others. All states impose time and other restrictions before you become eligible.

Generally, an expungement works by hiding or removing a conviction. Employers, credit agencies and other entities cannot hold it against you and you no longer have to disclose it during interviews. But if you are facing new charges, then the prosecutor can introduce the expunged conviction as a prior criminal record ? so don’t think that an expungement totally erases your record.

If you have an old DUI charge, you may want to speak to a lawyer to get it removed from your record. An expungement is not always possible. However, an attorney can review your situation and help you come up with a plan. DUIs are searchable by prospective employers but if you get them expunged, you can hide the charge.

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