What happens when you drink, pt 1?

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Humans tend to be naturally optimistic. People never believe they are going to be the statistic or that they are the exception to the rule. That is why hard and fast rules regarding blood alcohol levels are critical. It cuts through these personal feelings of self-worth and skills and boils it down to clean-cut numbers and general trends. This article will go over what typically happens to the human body as it consumes alcohol and how this affects your ability to drive.

These are general trends, which means that most people react in this manner. You could be the exception, but most of us are not.

A blood alcohol level of 0.02 is when alcohol begins affecting the human body. It begins to relax you and warm your body. This reduces your judgment and affects your visual acuity and ability to multi-task, two critical functions to safely operate a vehicle. The effect is minor, but all it takes is a single moment of inattention to cause an accident.

At 0.05, you begin to exhibit the actions of an intoxicated individual. Your behavior becomes exaggerated, and your judgment is impaired. Alertness is down, and you may lose the ability to control your small muscles, like focusing your eyes. This is when your driving ability starts to become seriously impaired. Your ability to track moving objects, because your eyes can’t focus is reduced. Coordination is reduced and your response time to emergency situations is decreased.

If you were arrested on a drunk driving charge, then it is a good idea to consult with a criminal defense lawyer. These charges, while manageable, are still very serious. You are very much at the mercy of the prosecutor and judge. The variety of punishments available for these crimes means that you could face anything from a suspended license and interlock device to jail time. An attorney can help you mount an effective defense in an effort to ensure that your punishment is not excessive.

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