The Internet and sex crimes by the numbers

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It should be common knowledge by now that the Internet has been a boon for sexual crime. The National Sex Offender Public Website compiled information from a variety of studies that details the exposure that children and adults face regarding online sexual solicitation and Internet-related crimes. This article will review those numbers and how they impact everyday life.

The Internet, cell phones, social media and texting have all created a behemoth of a problem for law enforcement. All of these tools have been great at connecting people. All kinds of people, including sexual predators. In fact, about 13 percent of young Internet users reported receiving unwanted sexual solicitations. Of those incidents, 27 percent were asked to send sexual photographs of themselves.

You may think that this is the product of a handful of criminals that pose as young children. However, it was found that the vast majority of online predators told the truth about their age and intent. Only 5 percent lied to their victims. All the rest were honest about their intentions.

This behavior isn’t limited to adults preying on teenagers. Eleven percent of teenagers and young adults reported sharing a naked or photo of themselves. Twenty-six percent admitted to participating in a form of “sexting.” Moreover, 15 percent say they received sexual photos of someone they know via text.

If you are facing Internet-related sex crime charges, then you may want to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. These are very serious charges with a multi-faceted effect on your life. You may face serious prison time, fines, confiscation of your property and damage to your public reputation and private life. This behavior is pervasive and will likely increase as the digital age continues to mature. A defense lawyer can help you understand your situation and prepare a defense.

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