SCRAM bracelets: an “ignition interlock” for your ankle

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The criminal justice system is always looking for the latest technologies to control and limit criminal behavior. DUI/DWI crimes have been a frequent subject of this innovation from the breathalyzer to ignition interlock devices. The government is always pulling out every trick to curb the rates of drunk driving. The latest incarnation of this research is the SCRAM Bracelet. This post will elaborate on the SCRAM bracelet and what it may mean for you.

The SCRAM Bracelet is an acronym for “Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring.” If you guessed that this bracelet is some sort of wireless monitoring device, then you would be exactly correct. SCRAM Bracelets are worn around the ankle and continually measure blood-alcohol content levels to ensure that the wearer is not drinking.

The benefit of these bracelets is that offenders do not need to continually check in with their parole officer to confirm they are not drinking. These bracelets may also not require drivers to submit to ignition interlock devices.

Generally speaking, SCRAM Bracelets are ordered for repeat DUI offenders. It is seen as an extreme invasion of privacy and therefore is only ordered in extreme circumstances ? like repeat offenders. People can opt for SCRAM Bracelets as an option for early release, probation or parole.

The SCRAM bracelet will generally monitor the person’s sweat for alcohol about once an hour. The results are then forwarded to a monitoring center. If the analyst ascertains that the wearer has been drinking the regional center notifies the appropriate authorities.

If you were charged pursuant to an arrest for drinking and driving then you may want to speak to an attorney. A lawyer will be familiar with all of the alternative punishment and conditional release options that are available to you. An attorney can ensure that you pursue all possible options to mitigate the effects of a potential conviction.

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