Recidivism risk factors for online crimes

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A study found that initial studies into the rate of recidivism for online sex offenses appear to largely mirror that found in other sex crimes. But the researchers caution that larger and more comprehensive studies are required. The researchers posit that standard factors, like the age of the first offense, criminal history, and failure to comply with the conditional release are indicative of recidivism among child pornography offenders.

Another group of researchers found five significant factors of recidivism for child pornography offenders: being single, lower education level, prior sex offender treatment, possessing non-Internet child pornography, and not possessing depictions of adolescent minors.

Internet offenders who have gone undetected are unlikely to seek treatment for their issues. The fear of social stigma associated with engaging in exploitive acts involving children along with a reluctance to adhere to mandatory reporting requirements makes it very difficult for them to reach out for the help they may need. This means that they may not receive therapeutic treatment until after coming to the attention of legal authorities.

If you are facing charges for online sex crimes like solicitation or pornography, then you may want to speak to a defense attorney. These charges are serious and could result in severe damage to your reputation, professional life or even your freedom. A lawyer can ensure that the emotional component attached to these crimes does not overwhelm your right to a fair trial and investigation. A defense attorney is critical to ensure that you are not the victim of an over-aggressive prosecution. You don’t need to fight this alone; a lawyer can help.

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