Self-driving cars, a boon to alcohol producers?

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Several financial companies, including Morgan Stanley, believe the more sophisticated self-driving cars become, the more likely it will lead to a boom in business for restaurants that serve alcohol and alcohol producers. Primarily, the study believes that self-driving cars would permit people to imbibe alcohol without fear of endangering others on the road. It is thought that self-driving cars will radically change the alcohol market by allowing more people to drink, reducing drunk driving accidents, and perhaps even introducing new forms of sale, like drive-through alcohol purchases.

For example, Morgan Stanley estimates if one member of the global drinking population drinks one more drink per month that could increase the market by $31 billion. Moreover, if each person consumes two more drinks per month, it jumps to a $250 billion expansion (however this does not consider the associated health costs that will offset the gain).

But this study is based on the assumption that the person who is waiting for self-driving cars is also the same person that selects safer alternatives rather than drinking and driving. Tragically, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology finds that this may not be the case.

If you were arrested on a drunk driving charge, then you may want to call a lawyer. A lawyer can help you avoid the potential consequences, like jail time or significant fines. Don’t take these charges lightly, depending on the circumstances of the arrest; you could face felony charges or worse. The last thing you need is your entire life to get thrown away because of a single night of poor judgment.

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