Blackout Wednesday – The biggest drinking night of the year

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There are some nights that seem to be obvious contenders for being big drinking nights, such as New Years Eve and Saint Patrick’s Day. However, another evening appears to have both of these beat: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Referred to by some as Black Wednesday, or even “Blackout Wednesday” it is a night when bartenders see their sales soar. This increase in drinking means an increase in DUIs.

Be on the look-out for extra patrols

Police departments are well aware of “Blackout Wednesday” and, as a result, increase their DUI patrols. While it is always wise to avoid drinking and driving, it is even more important over Thanksgiving weekend when the risk of DUI increases.

Those who to keep their drinking to a minimum are often tempted to drive. While taking actions such as alternating alcoholic beverages with water, and stopping drinking a couple hours before getting behind the wheel can reduce the chance that your blood alcohol content will be over the legal limit, you still need to be cautious.

The best course of action is to avoid drinking and driving altogether. If you’re drinking at all, find a designated driver. Taxi cabs, and Uber cars are possible alternatives, as are official sober rides that are sponsored in some cities.

What to do if you are pulled over

If you are pulled over for suspected DUI, it is important to know your rights. Make sure you assert your rights to protect yourself, but do so in a respectful way.

For example, while agreeing to a breathalyzer test may be required, a roadside test, such as standing on one foot and touching your nose, is not. It is also important to note that officers should not search your vehicle without probable cause.

If you are charged with a DUI, who you choose as your lawyer can make a big difference. Repeat offenses have a far greater impact on your freedom, criminal record and pocketbook than first offenses. A good lawyer can help you identify whether your charge is eligible for dismissal or a reduced charge or penalty in order to reduce the negative impact it has on your life.

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