Colleges are cracking down on parties to fight sexual assaults

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Dozens of universities are cracking down on drinking on campus, off-campus, and for all students. The crackdown spans from the east coast to the west coast, and it takes a variety of forms. The one unifying goal is reducing alcohol consumption as a tool to combat sexual assault.

Numerous studies have been released in recent years, which illustrate the connection between alcohol consumption and sexual assault. The more students drink, the more likely sexual assault is going to occur. Both because the female is incapacitated and the male’s judgment is impaired. As a result, universities are attacking the “source” of many sexual assaults.

Unfortunately, many of these programs are being met with resistance from the student body. Despite limiting the size of bottles students may possess at Stanford, they continue to drink and party. Moreover, even as some universities are trying to crackdown, they are also undermining their goals. For instance, Ohio State is cracking on alcohol consumption while at the same time approving beer sales for the first time in its football stadium.

Some universities are relying on extra police assistance, like Boston University, which is pairing with Boston Police to catch underage drinkers. The police then refer the students for university disciplinary action.

The connection between college, alcohol, and sexual assault grows every day. Which means that it is very likely your child could be subject to an aggressive prosecution before all the facts are known. If your child is facing charges, you may want to consult with a lawyer to ensure that his rights are protected.

Source: The New York Time, “No Kegs, No Liquor: College Crackdown Targets Drinking and Sexual Assault,” The New York Times, October 29, 2016.

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