Convicted Maryland DUI drivers will have officer’s photo in car

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As part of “Noah’s Law,” convicted DUI drivers will now carry a postage-sized stamp of the face of an officer killed by a drunk driver. Noah?s Law was passed in response to Officer Noah Leotta’s death by a drunk driver at a sobriety checkpoint. This post will go over the law and how it affects convicted DUI drivers.

Noah’s Law enacted several DUI reforms. Among those changes was the placement of pictures of slain officers on the ignition interlock devices of convicted DUI drivers. The purpose of the photo is to remind drunk drivers of the dangers of mixing alcohol and driving and that it can cost lives for those decisions.

Noah’s Law also requires convicted DUI drivers (those with ignition interlock devices) to blow more often into their interlock device to prove they were not drinking. Furthermore, the devices are now mandatory, even for first-time offenders. Noah’s Law also substantially increases the suspension period for driver’s licenses. This is in direct response to the fact that the driver who struck and killed Officer Leotta was a repeat offender.

If you are charged with a crime, you may want to discuss the details of your case with an experienced attorney. A lawyer can go over the potential consequences of a felony DWI. Felony DWI’s result when there are aggravating circumstances in your arrest, for example, excessive speeding, you hit someone or caused extensive property damage. A lawyer can go over your options and help you organize a suitable defense strategy.

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