Nine mistakes you should never make at a DUI checkpoint

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DUI checkpoints are static stops in which police stop every car and inspect it for suspicion of drunk or drugged driving. Checkpoints are used by all law enforcement agencies across the country. This post will go over the nine mistakes to avoid when you go through a DUI checkpoint.

First, do not drink and drive. If you weren’t drinking, the checkpoint is only an inconvenience.

Second, do not drive erratically near the checkpoint. The police do not have to wait for you to come to them, they can drive to you and pull you over if have reasonable suspicion you may have committed a crime. Furthermore, driving very slowly through a checkpoint is also suspicious.

Third, do not have any alcohol bottles in your car. You will get a ticket for an open container, and the containers may alert the officer that you were drinking in your vehicle and subject you to the field sobriety and breathalyzer tests.

Fourth, do not backtalk. Just don’t do it, the officer has all the power and can arrest you for obstruction of justice.

Fifth, do not make any aggressive or erratic movements when the officers approach your vehicle. If you give them cause, they will pull you out of the car and search it.

Sixth, take your guns off your lap. You have the Second Amendment right, but the police will react aggressively if they see a gun.

Seventh, do not drink and drive with children in the car. The presence of children in the car will result in serious enhancements to your charges.

Eighth, pay attention to where DUI checkpoints are being set-up. On major holidays, like Halloween, the police will pre-publish where they will stop people.

Finally, do not complain to the officer about your rights. DUI checkpoints are legal and have been thoroughly vetted by the courts.

If you are facing a DUI charge after a traffic stop, you should probably call an attorney. DUI charges are serious and can seriously impact your future or professional life. A lawyer can minimize the impact.

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