Recreational, medical marijuana laws pass in four states

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November 8th was a big day for many people, elated or despondent; it was a big day for the country. On November 8, four more states legalized recreational marijuana, California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts. They join Colorado, Washington, and Oregon who legalized marijuana in the past election season. It may sound like there is a wave of reform coming, but it is important to remember that it isn’t yet legal in Maryland nor is it legal to smoke marijuana and drive.

Massachusetts legalized the recreational use, possession, cultivation and sale of marijuana. The measure requires the government to promulgate rules that will regulate marijuana along the same lines as alcohol. California legalized marijuana along similar lines but imposed a 21 and over age limit. Nevada, not be outdone by California, also passed recreational marijuana bill that is similar to California. Finally, Maine’s initiative was the most narrow, but it eventually passed with a few thousand votes.

The final tally of these four states means millions of Americans on both coasts may now smoke marijuana recreationally.

If you were arrested for a DWI offense (whether it is for alcohol, marijuana or a narcotic), you should speak with an attorney. Most DWI offenses, if it is your first time, will be treated as misdemeanors. But if there are any aggravating circumstances, it is very easy for the misdemeanor charge to be elevated to a felony, including jail time. An attorney can go over the circumstances of your arrest and advise you on possible outcomes to help you prepare an effective defense.

Source: Business Insider, “4 states just voted to make marijuana completely legal ? here’s what we know,” Ben Gilbert, Nov. 9, 2016

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