Police crackdowns on prostitution

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It may simply be the next media frenzy, but there have an unusual number of headlines concerning prostitution-related arrests. Prostitution, of course, sells ad time. It is salacious, sometimes involves prominent members of society and it is titillating. So this could simply be another example of the media eco-chamber amplifying everyday occurrences.

But, as an example, a quick Google search found several noteworthy examples that spanned the coasts. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 21 people were arrested after a sting operation. Sting operations caught eight men in Morristown, Tennessee, and 21 men and women were busted in Cypress, Texas.

Furthermore, several instances related to (relative) long-term investigations. Ten men were arrested in Amarillo, Texas after a week-long investigation. Another 43 men and women were arrested after a two-day operation, and six people were detained in Maryville, Tennessee.

Prostitution laws vary from state to state, but they all carry the unique signature of criminalizing both sides of the transaction. Most crimes criminalize one aspect of interaction but not both. For example, some states criminalize selling drugs but not purchasing them. But for prostitution, both the solicitor and solicitee are charged with a crime. Prostitution is an exchange of sexual favors for some monetary gain, a quid pro quo. It must be explicit, simple flirtation and drinks do not rise to the level of prostitution.

As you can see, police investigations sometimes work in waves. Right now, it seems the police are cracking on prostitution, but next month it could be car burglaries. If you are facing sex crime charges because you were caught up in a police dragnet, then you may want to speak to a defense attorney. The damage to your reputation could be severe, even for a solicitation charge. A lawyer can help insulate your professional and personal life from any fall-out from these charges. You don’t need to try and control everything on your own; an attorney can help.

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