Overview of online crimes that can land you in prison

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The Internet is a fraught place with many potential crimes that can land you in prison. It is crucial that you exercise good practices when you utilize the Internet or risk getting caught in an FBI or other law enforcement agency?s online dragnet. Many online crimes are being vigorously prosecuted to discourage other people from engaging in them. Thus, you must do your best to stay clean online.

Sexual misconduct crimes run the gamut from the well-known but rare stranger rape and assault to online activities. Yes, your online activity can result in a sexual misconduct charge. The federal government strictly enforces anti-child pornography statutes which can land unwary users into serious trouble.

These laws are strictly applied, and the judge has no wiggle room for lessening charges or sentence, it is all on the prosecutor. Prosecutors who have an interest in prosecuting as many people as possible for whatever crimes they can, so you are unlikely to receive fair treatment. Do not ever download child pornography because it could land you in federal prison.

Cyber stalking is also a serious crime. People use Facebook and other social media platforms to send messages to people who are trying to avoid them. But if they call the police and link those messages back to you, it could result in a felony charge and even result in you being banned from using the Internet.

If you?re facing a sexual misconduct charge due to your online activity, then you may want to call a lawyer for assistance. The problem with many of these charges is that the courts and prosecutors treat these crimes very seriously which can result in unfair and aggressive prosecutions. An attorney in your corner can ensure that your rights are respected, and you get the same fair trial and process as everyone else. It is tough to fight these alone; you don?t have to ? a lawyer can help.

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