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Whether you’re out for a night on the town, celebrating a holiday or special occasion or are gathering in a sports bar to watch a big game, if someone in your group has agreed to be the designated driver, it’s important to take good care of him or her. Many establishments will serve free non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers. However, that may not be enough to make up for all the festivities these folks may feel that they’re missing.

Whether you’re relying on a designated driver to get you home safely at the end of the night or you’re hosting a party where some guests will be staying sober and driving others home, it’s important to make them feel included and appreciated. If a friend has agreed to be your designated driver, here are a few suggestions:

— Pay for his or her meal, appetizers or the “virgin” drink of your driver’s choice if you’re at a restaurant or bar.

— Offer a small gift such as a gift certificate.

— Include some non-drinking games in the evening’s events.

— If you’re hosting an event with designated drivers or other non-drinkers, make some festive non-alcoholic drinks. They shouldn’t be limited to having soda, water or fruit juice. Find a recipe that will make them feel special.

— Offer to return the favor by being the designated driver next time.

All of these things will help show your designated driver how much you appreciate what he or she is doing — including potentially saving your life. They can also help designated drivers resist the urge to have a drink or two because they’re feeling left out. If that happens, do everyone a favor and call an Uber or taxi to ensure that you all make it home safely.

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