Maryland couple accused of drugging teen and forcing sex acts

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In an era in which opioid addition and human sex trafficking are on the rise, a new case emerges out of Caroline County, Maryland, involving the forcible entry of a 15-year-old into prostitution. A spokesperson for the county’s Sheriff’s Office recently announced the arrests earlier in the month of an 35-year-old Federalsburg woman and her 26-year-old companion from Greensboro.

The pair is alleged to have injected their 15-year-old female victim before requiring her to perform sexual acts on other men for pay. It’s unclear if the teenage victim in this case is related to either of the defendants in question.

In speaking with the victim in this case, it was determined that the two defendants drugged the woman not just once, but on a number of different occasions. Once she was drugged, she would be taken to a local Denton-areas hotel by the co-defendants. It’s then that she would be required to perform any number of sex acts with men for money, funds that she would then be forced to immediately turn over to the pair.

As for charges the couple faces in response to the forced child prostitution allegations; they defendants have been charged with both child sexual abuse and human trafficking as of now. The couple is being held in lieu of a bond being set.

It’s believed that no bond has been set because of the aggravated nature of their crimes. Aggravated factors in this case center around the fact that this crime involved a child, drug use, and forcing a minor to engage in sex acts for pay.

Attempts to reach out to the female defendant’s attorney went unanswered. The male defendant’s attorney declined commenting on the pending legal case.

If you’re facing charges related to the alleged commissions of some type of sex crime, a Baltimore, Maryland, criminal defense attorney can provide guidance as to potential defenses in your legal case.

Source:, “Police: Maryland couple injected girl with heroin, coerced sex acts,” April 18, 2017

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