Prostitution-related charges are often misdemeanors in Maryland

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Maryland has very strict laws that prohibit people from engaging in prostitution or similar activities. If you are facing these charges, you should know some basic points about them.

Many prostitution-related charges are misdemeanors in Maryland. The exception to this is when children are involved. In some cases, the charges are still misdemeanors if the person is under 18 but over 16. Almost all charges related to minors who aren’t yet 16 are felonies.

Just because many of these crimes are misdemeanors, that doesn’t mean that you are facing only the possibility of a short time in prison. In fact, some of the charges can lead to up to a decade or longer behind bars. This is something that you have to think about carefully when you are are consulting with your criminal defense attorney to determine your defense strategy.

Abducting a child who is under 16 years old can lead to 25 years in prison. Charges related to a house of prostitution can lead to up to a year behind bars. These are the two ends of the spectrum.

You may also be assessed fines instead of or in addition to being sentenced to prison time in these cases. The financial impact can be considerable for people who face these prostitution-related charges.

When you think about the fines and the incarceration, as well as the social stigma of these charges, you can see why it is crucial that you present a strong defense. Learning the options you have can help you to make decisions that you feel are in your best interest.

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