University student faces felony level drug charge

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Maryland courts are tough on drug crimes, especially those where there was a perceived intention to sell the drug. Even in cases where it’s a person’s first time ever facing a drug charge – and even when the person is a college student with their whole life still ahead of them – the courts do not necessarily care and the prosecution will still attempt to sentence to the full extent possible.

A recent drug arrest involving a college student highlights the fact that police are actively searching for drug cases.

According to a WJLA news report, earlier this month, police intercepted a rather large amount of THC oil. The product was coming from Colorado, where it is legal to buy and sell THC oil. However, being illegal in Maryland, an investigation led to the arrest of a 21-year-old University of Maryland student. In addition to the oil, 39 grams of marijuana was also confiscated.

THC is the compound in marijuana responsible for the high. In this case, the oil, sold in brightly colored cartridges, is put into vape pens, allowing users to discreetly use the oil without the smell or marijuana. Each one of the cartridges costs between $25 and $35 in Colorado. However, since the oil is illegal in Maryland, it is more a black market product and the cost is near double. In total, police confiscated 375 individual cartridges. Now, the 21-year-old college student is facing a possession with intent to distribute charge.

One drug charge can greatly change a young person’s future

This same 21-year-old is a senior in college. Many this far into their senior year are anxiously awaiting graduation and job interviews. But for this young adult, he is facing up to five years in prison.

The truth is that college students do not always make the best choices and sometimes get involved with the wrong crowd. But a mistake such as this one, can be costly to someone’s future. Not only is there the threat of prison time, but years later a young person will continue to pay the price as he or she tries to find employment and housing with a felony-level drug crime on their record. This can be next to impossible.

This is why college students – and the parents of college students – are highly encouraged to seek legal representation after an arrest. Regardless of whether this is a first offense, or how well someone does in school – or even how close they are to graduation – a drug crime can quickly put an end to the plans someone once had. Now is not the time to leave anything to chance.

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