Michael Phelps talks about DUIs and depression

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Even the most successful people in the world can struggle with depression. Swimmer Michael Phelps has set plenty of world records and won more Olympic gold medals than anyone else, and yet he has dealt with it for years.

He said it started in 2008. He’d just taken the world by storm in the 2008 Olympics, which were held in Bejing.

He also said that he dealt with it in 2014. That year, while in Baltimore, he got his second DUI. He was suspended by USA Swimming for six months. For a man who has built his entire life around swimming, it was hard to take.

It was that DUI arrest, though, that really pushed him to get help. He knew that he needed to see someone about his depression, and he finally did it. Now he’s been going public with it in the hopes that it will show other people that they too can get help.

Phelps said that he had to rebuild himself in rehab. He said it was incredibly hard, and he also claimed it was more difficult than anything he’d faced in an incredibly successful swimming career.

This story shows how there are many factors that can contribute to DUI charges and drinking in general. It also shows just how much people have to lose when facing DUI charges; Phelps is not the only one in a career where a conviction can really send that career off the rails. Those who are facing charges, then, need to know all of the legal options that are available to them.

Source: CBS, “Phelps: After Struggle With Depression, Rehab: ‘I… Rebuilt Myself’,” July 07, 2017

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