Former Maryland coach facing multiple sexual assault charges

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A former Maryland track coach and school aide has been charged with 119 counts involving sexual assault. The 30-year-old man is accused of assaulting a minimum of two dozen male students between May 2015 and June of this year.

The man, who coached track teams at two Maryland high schools and also worked at an elementary school as well as at a middle school, is HIV-positive. According to the indictments, he did not use protection during these alleged assaults. It was not reported which schools the students whom he allegedly assaulted were attending or how old they were.

Charles County prosecutors have accused the former coach of multiple counts of various degrees of sexual offenses and assault of a child. He is also charged with transmitting or attempting to transmit HIV to his victims. Further, he is facing dozens of counts of recording child pornography, displaying obscene materials to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The man has also been charged with distributing marijuana.

The former coach, who could face a sentence of 1,500 years in prison if he is convicted on all of these counts, was arrested in July of this year. The arrest occurred after a parent told authorities about electronic messages that he was sending to that person’s child.

Sexual assault crimes, particularly when they involve children, can carry severe legal ramifications. When a person is HIV-positive, that can add an entirely new level of potential criminal liability. Anyone facing charges that involve sexual assault has the right to present his or her case in court. An experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney can provide guidance and protection of your rights.

Source: The Root, “HIV-Positive Md. High School Track Coach Accused of Sexual Assault Is Indicted on 119 Counts,” Breanna Edwards, Aug. 02, 2017

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