A DUI can have consequences for your college career and beyond

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When teens go away to college, they leave most of their parental restrictions behind. For many young people, that leads to some missteps, like staying out late partying when they have a test the next day. Some missteps are far more serious, like drinking and driving.

Alcohol is readily available on and around most college campuses, whether you’re old enough to legally drink or not. Too many college students, even if they don’t abuse alcohol, have a few drinks at a party, restaurant, bar or a friend’s place and then get behind the wheel because they have to get back to their dorm or apartment. Many young people get their first DUI in college.

A DUI conviction can result in jail time, a significant fine and a driver’s license suspension. If you need to drive to get to classes and/or a part-time job, that can throw a wrench into your life. Further, a DUI can have a significant effect on a student’s college career. For example:

  • You can lose your college housing.
  • Your scholarship may be revoked.
  • You can be expelled.

The consequences may not end there. For example, if you are planning to go into a profession that requires licensing, such as law, medicine and teaching, you may find yourself disqualified from your dream career.

Even if you won’t need a professional license, a DUI on your record can impact your chances of getting any good job when you graduate. Why would an employer hire someone with a DUI on his or her record where they are likely looking at hundreds of other candidates who haven’t been convicted of a crime?

These days, with ride share services just a click away on your phone and campus safe ride services, there’s no reason to take the risk of getting behind the wheel after drinking any amount of alcohol. If your college student is arrested for a DUI, it may be tempting to let your child face the consequences of his or her actions. However, it’s essential to realize the impact that a DUI conviction could have on his or her future and the dreams that you have for your child and seek the help of an experienced Maryland DUI attorney.

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