College kids can stay sober and still have a full social life

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Recently we discussed the increase in sober housing options for college students. Some of the students who reside in these dorms arrive at college already in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. Others simply choose to abstain from alcohol and drug use while working on their degree. Some students’ religions prohibit drinking.

However, even if your student doesn’t reside in one of these “sober dorms,” which are still limited, there are ways that they can avoid drinking while still enjoying parties and other social activities with their friends. Following are a couple of suggestions to help them withstand the pressure to drink in these situations and still have fun.

Keep a “buffer” drink with you. Carry a plastic cup filled with soda or your other non-alcoholic drink of choice. Most kids who drink alcohol at parties mix it with soda or fruit juice anyway, so they won’t know the difference between what you’re drinking and what they are.

If you’re at a bar or restaurant, you may be able to get unlimited non-alcoholic drinks at no charge by identifying yourself as a designated driver. That’s another good “excuse,” if you feel you need one, for staying sober. You’re giving your friends a safe ride home.

Relax and enjoy yourself. If your friends are all getting wasted, they probably aren’t going to notice if you break out a new and possibly embarrassing dance move or get a little flirtatious with a cute guy or girl. If they do, they likely won’t remember it the next day. If you’re not someone who needs alcohol as a social lubricant, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest and probably be nowhere near as silly as those who are imbibing.

If your friends are drinking and you aren’t, you have a responsibility to keep an eye out for their safety. Excessive alcohol consumption too often leads to sexual assault. Of course, it can also lead to drunk driving.

DUI and underage drinking charges often go hand-in-hand. If your college student is facing charges of underage drinking, whether he or she was actually consuming alcohol or simply around others who were, it’s essential that you seek legal guidance.

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