Why Thanksgiving weekend brings lots of drinking

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Many young people will soon be returning home for Thanksgiving break for the first time since going off to college. That means catching up with hometown friends as well as family. They won’t be alone in the restaurants and bars throughout Maryland over Thanksgiving weekend.

The night before Thanksgiving has actually become known as “Black Wednesday” — not for deep discounts in stores, but because it’s widely considered one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. Many bartenders say that it’s even busier than New Year’s Eve or St. Patrick’s Day. There are a number of reasons for this.

Since Thanksgiving is traditionally a day to be with family, a lot of people who are home for the holidays, or who have friends who’ve come home, spend Thanksgiving Eve catching up and having a pint or two (or something harder). Since many people get off work early the day before Thanksgiving, the revelry can start even before Happy Hour.

Most family Thanksgiving dinners don’t start until late in the day. That means that unless you’re the one who has to get up early in the morning to prepare it, you can sleep in. Why not stay out late and enjoy yourself? It’s often preferable to going home and dealing with extended family members who may be gathered there, and possibly camped out in your bedroom.

Thanksgiving drinking doesn’t end Wednesday night. Alcohol is often part of Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore, even before the alcohol from the previous night has left their system, many people are consuming more — starting with a few beers while watching the football games.

Of course, law enforcement agencies are well aware of the Thanksgiving drinking phenomenon, and they are out in force over the long weekend. That means that those who engage in underage drinking while celebrating with friends and family may be more likely to be arrested than at most other times for DUI and other alcohol-related offenses.

If your child is facing charges, it’s important to recognize that they could impact his or her college career or scholarship and/or membership on a team, in addition to having consequences beyond college. Experienced legal guidance from an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney is essential.

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