Why driving the day after a night out can be dangerous

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Everyone knows that driving after drinking is unsafe – to you and others on the road. Many people think that by getting a good night’s sleep at home or at someone else’s house, they’re fine to drive the next morning. Driving with a hangover, regardless of what your residual blood alcohol content (BAC) is, can be as dangerous as driving drunk.

The Ford Motor Company is working to raise awareness of how dangerous driving with a hangover can be. They’ve invented something called a “Hangover Suit,” and have been taking it around the U.S. and Europe to demonstrate to people just what it’s like to drive with a hangover.

The suit weighs about 37 pounds, and includes goggles that increases light sensitivity. There are also headphones that cause “”a throbbing sensation, so it’s like the blood pulsating through your ears,” according to a person involved with Ford’s “Diving Skills for Life” program.

The goal is to show drivers what it feels like to drive with a hangover. People who work for Fortune who tried on the suit and then asked to perform tasks like assembling a puzzle said that the suit was “wonky” and “distracting.”

If you’ve been drinking, it certainly isn’t wise to drive. However, even the following morning, getting behind the wheel can be dangerous. First, you don’t know what your BAC is. Second, even if you are within the legal limit, you may still not be in any condition to drive. Regardless of the situation, if you are charged with a DUI or any other offense, it’s essential to get experienced legal guidance.

Source: Fortune, “Ford’s ‘Hangover Suit’ Shows the Dangers of Driving the Morning After Drinking,” Tom Huddleston, Jr., Feb. 08, 2018

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