How a DWI can impact your career

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Being convicted for a DWI can have serious consequences to your life and career far into the future. Here in Maryland, even a conviction for a first offense can land someone in jail for two months.

Beyond that, other potential penalties can impact your ability to work, regardless of your profession. For people in a profession that requires licensing, such as a doctor, nurse, lawyer and many others, you could lose your license, which means you lose your ability to work in the job you’ve likely trained many years for.

If you’re a commercial driver, a DWI will stay on your license for decades. That means you’ll probably have to find another profession. If you’re in any job that requires driving a company-owned vehicle or equipment, your employer probably won’t be able to keep you on their insurance. That means you’ll probably be out of a job.

Looking for another job can be complicated as well. Even if the DWI was a misdemeanor and you don’t have to disclose it on a job application, employers have access to public records. They can find your conviction if they run a criminal background check.

If you’re still in school, a DWI conviction can impact your ability to get accepted at the college of your choice. Many schools ask about criminal convictions on their applications. A DWI can also impact your ability to get financial aid.

The best course of action if you are arrested for a DWI is to get legal guidance as soon as possible. An experienced Maryland DWI attorney can provide important guidance as you navigate the justice system.

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