Vaping alcohol can get you a DUI

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Vaping has become extremely popular in recent years. Some people vape nicotine as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Others vape marijuana.

Some people even vape alcohol. Using an alcohol vaporizer can get a person drunk more quickly than drinking alcohol. That’s because the vapor goes directly to the brain and bloodstream from the lungs. Because it doesn’t go through the liver or stomach first (as a glass of whiskey would, for example,) it isn’t metabolized by these organs and is, therefore, more potent.

If you want to get very drunk very fast, vaping alcohol will do it. However, this method of ingesting alcohol is more dangerous than drinking.

A person is more likely to get alcohol poisoning, for one thing. The body has a number of natural defenses against the destructive attributes of alcohol. One of them is vomiting. However, if the alcohol doesn’t get into the stomach, you can’t throw it up.

Even though vaped alcohol doesn’t go through the body in the traditional route, it can still be detected on a Breathalyzer test. Remember that these tests involve blowing into the device. They determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) based on the air in a person’s lungs. Someone who’s been vaping alcohol before getting behind the wheel could well end up arrested for DUI.

Besides the fact that vaping alcohol can get a person drunker more quickly than drinking it, another danger of driving afterwards is that it’s more difficult to determine how much alcohol you’ve actually ingested. You know how many glasses of vodka or bottles of beer you’ve consumed (assuming that you’re keeping track.) However, the way that vaped alcohol works, users can’t tell how much alcohol has actually gone into their bodies because the liquid stays in the device. This can be deceptive if you’re trying to “keep track.”

A DUI conviction can have serious ramifications for your life, career and future. If you’re facing DUI charges, it’s essential to ensure that you seek experienced legal guidance rather than try to handle the matter on your own.

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