Common signs of sexual harassment on the job

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You shouldn’t have to worry about getting sexually harassed when you go to work each day in Baltimore. The sad fact is that even with federal laws banning harassment, employees still face it regardless.

Below are some common signs of sexual harassment in the workplace.Being able to recognize these actions is the first step to stopping them.

  • Inappropriate or unwelcome touching. This is one of the most common examples of sexual harassment in the workplace. When someone approaches you and puts their hand on your shoulder, arm, leg or back without your consent it can be considered harassment. For the most part, employees and superiors should refrain from touching each other in any method except for handshakes.
  • Comments made about your body or appearance. While something as benign as a compliment on an outfit will not typically meet the definition of sexual harassment, that changes when it involves your body. For example, saying “that’s a great dress” is not harassment. But, when someone says, “that dress sure shows off your curves,” that can be construed as unwelcome harassment.
  • Workplace discussions about sexual activities and experiences. There is no place for this type of conversation on the job. The office is not a locker-room. Make sure you speak out against it and if it doesn’t stop, be sure to report it to someone.

Sexual harassment is still a problem in many places of employment today. You can help fight this issue by recognizing the signs and reporting any instances of harassment to a superior or human resources.

If that does not eliminate the problem immediately, you may choose to pursue further legal action.

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