Refusing a breath test is possible but not without consequences

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There is a saying that notes you are free to make choices, but you aren’t free to choose the consequences for your actions. Refusing to take a breath test is one perfect example of this. You can choose to refuse the test, but you will have to deal with the penalties that are set by the state’s implied consent law. We know that this might be hard to accept, but you need to think carefully if you are ever in this position.

You have to think about what you hope to accomplish when you are trying to decide if you are going to refuse the test or take it. If you choose not to take the test, there is a very good chance that you are going to face administrative penalties for the refusal. These proceedings are different from the criminal proceedings that you can face for driving under the influence.

Many factors come into these cases, some of which matter in the administrative process but not in the criminal one or vice versa. You should be sure that you think about all the options that you have in both cases so that you can decide what is best for you. We are here to help you learn about what’s possible and what responsibilities you have.

The impacts of the choices you make can be far-reaching. You might face the loss of your driver’s license or an inability to continue with your current job. Be sure you are thinking about these as you decide what you want to do about your case.

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