Why do some college students turn to drugs?

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College is a time of experimentation for young adults, but some college students go too far with what they are willing to experiment with. Some students turn to experimentation with alcohol or drugs for stress release or increased attention.

It doesn’t matter if your child were the top student in their high school class, they are vulnerable to drug abuse in their environment. The best way to tackle drug abuse is to know why students start using illegal prescriptions in school.


Often, students balance work, internships, coursework, social obligations and other activities. Between all the responsibilities, the pressure builds up and damages their physical and mental health. Many students use alcohol or drugs as a source of stress relief on the weekends.


Some students drown in the number of assignments they receive from their coursework, so they try to budget time to finish all their projects by the deadline. However, students don’t stick to their schedules and turn to prescriptions, such as Adderall, to help them stay awake long enough to finish assignments. Sometimes, these prescriptions are illegally obtained.


As previously stated, college is a time for experimentation. Many students are exploring their identity and their passions in life; some students may want to incorporate drug use during this transitional period in their life. Most adults move on from using the substances while others may develop an addiction.

Social pressures

Students may be in an environment where they feel pressure to try drugs or binge drink with their friends. And they are far more likely to try different substances with friends than on their own. Peer pressure is very apparent in sororities or fraternities due to the family-like nature of the Greek system.

There are dozens of reasons why your child tried drugs, but it’s your role, as the parent, help them go back to sobriety before addiction takes over or drug charges are pursued.

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