Summertime brings sunshine and DUIs to Maryland

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As the temperatures start to rise, most residents are thinking ahead to their summer vacation and all the activities that come with the summer heat. Pool parties, barbecue and holiday celebrations are just some of the highlights we look forward to every summer.

However, one summer activity that no one looks forward to is a DUI. A DUI can not only ruin your summer, but it has long-lasting effects on your driving record, your insurance rates and possibly your career.

Staying safe behind the wheel this summer

Luckily, DUIs are very preventable; you only need to implement a few tips to keep people safe and a DUI arrest out of your record:

  1. Know the risks of a DUI conviction – Most people do not purposely try to drink and drive. However, they might be more hesitant to sit behind the wheel if they knew the dire consequences for a DUI arrest. In Maryland, you may face a $1,000 fine and one year in jail on a first offense. Add to these, 12 points on your license, and you are looking at increased insurance for quite some time.
  2. Make a plan before you go out – There are rideshare apps you could use, or you could designate a driver before you go out.
  3. Understand your limits – A crucial piece of advice is to know your limits with alcohol. While one person stays sober after three drinks, someone else is totally drunk after just one. You need to know your limits and how your body responds to alcohol.
  4. Avoid drinking – Many people like to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine when they go out. But if you are driving, you may want to avoid alcohol altogether.

These tips are excellent ways to prevent spending money on expensive fines or costly court fees after a DUI arrest. However, these tips are not guarantees; there is always a possibility you will still be pulled over and accused of drunk driving. When this happens, though, do not assume you have to accept the charges. You can always fight back in court.

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