What to do if your child is using drugs at college

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When your child graduated from high school with great grades and was accepted at a good college, you’ll have felt enormously proud of them as well as proud of yourself for raising a successful child. When you dropped them off at college, it was likely to be a nervous and emotional moment, but ultimately you had faith that they would make the transition well.

However, if you have recently learned that your child has been using illegal drugs at college, all of these positive thoughts about them may quickly diminish. Knowing that they are engaging in illegal activity can be concerning because getting into trouble with the law could affect their future. It is important that you carefully approach the situation to get the best possible result. The following are some things to consider.

Don’t make assumptions

If you have heard rumors about their behavior or accusations that have been made against them, it’s best not to let anger get the best of you and jump to conclusions. Instead, sit down with your child and seek to truly understand the situation. There is a big difference between trying a drug once at a party and engaging in the selling or trafficking of drugs. Therefore, don’t immediately assume the worst.

Understand why – not just what

When you have a grasp of what happened, you should try to understand why. This will help you to figure out how you and your child can solve the problem. Many young people give in to peer pressure and try drugs as a result. Others get addicted because they are struggling to adjust to the transitions that come with college.

Help them to navigate their future path

Be constructive when handling the situation. Help find a solution to the problem without necessarily ostracizing your child.

If your child is in trouble with the law because of drug use, make sure that swift action is taken so that they can defend themselves.

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