What can cause a breath test to be inaccurate?

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Getting a DUI can have lasting consequences for the convicted, so law enforcement needs to be sure that their testing devices yield accurate results. Unfortunately, breathalyzer tests have a reputation of being faulty. Even a recent study made the finding that breathalyzers are unreliable.

Causes of faulty breath tests

There are actually many different causes of faulty breath test results. In order for you and your attorney to effectively challenge the results, you should be aware of possible causes. Some common causes of questionable test results are:

  • Faulty devices – if the testing device is old or damaged, its results are untrustworthy
  • Prescription medications – medicines like albuterol, budesonide and salmeterol have a history of creating false positives in breath tests
  • Medical conditions – heartburn, diabetes, and even the flu can be enough to impact the results of a breath test
  • Mouthwash – many types of mouthwash contain a substantial amount of alcohol, which means that good dental hygiene
  • Poor device maintenance – if the officer using the device does not properly maintain and clean it, the lack of cleanliness could affect the device

No matter how your case may look, there is always a chance that even the most certain evidence is questionable.

Do not give up on your defense

Make sure your attorney is reviewing the evidence in your case to find any possible grounds for dismissing the test results from a breathalyzer. There are many reasons that the evidence the prosecution has would be invalid, so make sure you are doing what is necessary to confirm its accuracy.

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