How will a DUI alter your college options?

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One single DUI conviction can alter your life in major ways. Most people do not know or expect this, especially if they have never received even so much as a DUI charge before.

But if you face conviction, you could actually see your college options begin to change permanently before your very eyes.

Expulsion or refusal of admittance

The College Investor spends time explaining why DUI convictions pose such a threat to college students. Specifically, even if it is a first-time offense, you could still face enormous fines and even time in jail.

But as a college student, you also have college-specific concerns to hold. For one, it is possible that a college may decide to expel you, though this is a somewhat rare decision. It is also harder to gain admittance into a college if you get a DUI while still in the process of applying.

Changes to your career path

Even your options within the college itself could easily change. With a DUI, you can no longer pursue certain career paths. This includes anything in the field of government work and any work that involves children such as daycare services or even teaching. Obviously, it also includes any job that requires you to drive other people or hold a commercial driver’s license.

With these options out of your career list, you could find yourself having to completely restructure your college path. You may not even have a use for attending your college of choice anymore, depending on what you initially wanted to study. This huge impact is unavoidable and it is why all DUI charges should get taken seriously.

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