3 things not to do if pulled over on suspicion of DUI

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As a college student, you may find yourself exposed to many new environments and experiences. You may find it tempting to participate in activities your peers do, such as consuming alcohol at fraternity parties.

It is easy to make a small but potentially costly error and get behind the wheel after giving in to temptation. It is important to remember to avoid certain actions if pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence.

1. Agree to a field sobriety test

These physical tests are subjective. Even if you only took a couple of sips of an alcoholic beverage, you may fail because the officer believes you are wobbly. Exhaustion and feeling sick may also result in a failure. Generally, if an officer suspects you are DUI, he or she may arrest you regardless of whether you take the test or not. Refusing to take it minimizes the amount of potential evidence you grant a prosecutor to use. A breath test is different; in Maryland, there is implied consent, so refusal to take one results in the confiscation and suspension of your license.

2. Say more than necessary

While you may want to defend yourself, anything you say may end up used against you in court. Avoid admitting to drinking of any kind. You have the right to remain silent about questions regarding where you came from and where you intend to go.

3. Being rude

You may feel frustration and fear, but politeness is the way to go. Police officers may view belligerence as proof of intoxication or resistance and act accordingly.

A DUI may result in serious consequences, both in terms of legal actions and your college and future career. Avoiding certain actions if pulled over for one may help you in a trial later.

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