3 things you did not know could lead to assault charges

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Assault charges are more common than you might think, and they can stem from a variety of situations. Many people assume that assault only occurs when there is physical violence involved, but this is not always the case.

There are several actions that you may not realize could lead to assault charges.

1. Threatening behavior

One surprising action that could lead to assault charges is threatening behavior. If you make a threat of violence against another person, even if you do not follow through with the threat, you could face assault charges. This includes verbal threats, written threats or even gestures that imply violence.

2. Spitting

Another action that could lead to assault charges is spitting. Spitting on or at another person is a form of assault when used as a threat or an attempt to cause harm. Spitting can also become a form of battery if the saliva makes contact with the other person’s skin or clothing.

3. Throwing objects

Throwing objects at another person, even if you do not intend to cause harm, can also lead to assault charges. This includes throwing objects in the direction of another person, even if the object does not make contact with them. If the object does make contact and causes injury, you could face aggravated assault charges.

Assault charges can have serious consequences, including fines, probation and even jail time. Assault laws have nuances that many people are unaware of. It is important to understand the lesser-known actions that could lead to these charges and avoid them whenever possible.

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