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In our last couple posts, we’ve been discussing Governor Hogan’s decision to accommodate the requests of police unions and veto two bills that would have brought reform to certain marijuana laws and the civil assets forfeiture process. Our discussion so far has revolved around the political decision behind the veto.

From a criminal defense perspective, criminal law reform is an important issue because it has the potential to correct injustices in the system. For a defense attorney, though, what counts is what protections are available under the law right now and coming up with a strategy for building the strongest defense possible. 

When it comes to marijuana-related charges, it is important to understand the evidence prosecutors have and determine whether any legal challenges are appropriate. In some cases, the police investigation is not conducted properly and it may be possible to have evidence excluded from trial. In other cases, the issue may be that the evidence is simply insufficient to support conviction.

For first-time offenders, it is sometimes possible to have charges dismissed after a period of probation. When this option is available, a criminal defense attorney can help a defendant successfully navigate the process. In cases where prosecutors offer a plea deal, working with an experienced defense attorney helps a defendant determine the best course of action in their case.

Our firm is dedicated to providing zealous advocacy to criminal defendants facing marijuana-related charges. Regardless of the circumstances of the case, we can help defendants build a strong defense to make sure they have the best shot at a favorable outcome. 

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