Defending Your Rights Against Marijuana Possession Charges

If you, a friend or a family member is facing charges of marijuana possession, you may have many questions about the legal process, the potential consequences, and whether or not you should fight the charges. It is best to talk to an experienced Baltimore drug crimes defense attorney early in the process so that you understand your rights and what to expect.

I, Charles L. Waechter, have more than 40 years of experience as a marijuana possession lawyer in Baltimore, and I know how confusing it can be to be charged with a drug crime — even if the charge involves the possession of a small amount of marijuana. I offer free initial consultations either by phone or at any one of my four office locations in Baltimore, Annapolis, Ocean City or Bel Air.

Understanding Your Rights and Options

One of the first questions clients have when facing a marijuana possession charge is how much jail time they could receive if convicted. Many cases involving the possession of a small amount of marijuana involve a misdemeanor charge, and these cases can typically be resolved without a conviction.

Maryland offers probation before judgment for many first-time drug offenders. If you complete the probation successfully, you will not be judged guilty and will not end up with a criminal record. My job is to work with you to develop a plan so that this one charge does not haunt you for years to come.

Many people are tempted to plead guilty and pay a fine, but there are legal steps and motions that we can discuss that may make it easier for you to expunge the matter from your record. A marijuana possession charge on your criminal record can have an impact on your ability in the future to obtain a job, student loans or housing. My goal as your lawyer is to resolve your case in a way that will not have an adverse effect on your future.

Developing a Strong Defense for Charges of Possession of Controlled Substances in Maryland

When I accept your case, I will fully review the evidence against you and examine whether or not legal challenges can be made on your behalf. In many cases, if the police did not have probable cause to stop your car or search you, I will work to expose that misconduct in an attempt to have the drug charges dismissed or reduced.

In addition, in a majority of my drug cases, I talk with clients about immediately enrolling in a drug treatment program — even before we appear in court. I do this because my experience has shown that if you are found guilty and are already in treatment, this action will often be favorable in the eyes of a sentencing judge and may help to reduce the consequences.

Free Initial Consultation With an Experienced Lawyer

If you face drug charges in Maryland, contact me, Baltimore marijuana possession lawyer Charles L. Waechter, for help and to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.