What happens to you when you drink, pt. 2?

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The reason that there is a legal limit regarding blood alcohol content while driving is because drinking can severely impact the ability to safely control a vehicle. As discussed in a prior article, alcohol affects everyone in different ways. And it is mistake to believe that consuming alcohol won’t seriously affect your driving skills. This article will discuss the effect that alcohol has on your driving ability as you meet and exceed the legal limit.

At 0.08, the legal limit, your muscle coordination is poor. So your ability to coordinate acceleration, braking and steering is compromised. Judgment, memory, reasoning and risk assessment is seriously affected which reduces your ability to process information. Your perception is impaired and you begin to experience short-term memory loss. In short, your driving capability is significantly reduced.

At 0.10, above the legal limit, there is a marked deterioration in reaction time and control. Your response rates to dangers on the road are significantly reduced. A reduction of even a few seconds could mean the difference between an accident and stopping at a red light.

At 0.15, your mental and physical capabilities are seriously reduced. Your muscle control is way down, vomiting is possible and your balance is affected. Your ability to process visual and auditory stimuli is reduced which affects your ability to assess hazards in the road. This amounts to a substantial impairment in your ability to operate a vehicle safely.

If you are charged with a drunken driving charge then you may want to contact an attorney. These are serious charges that can affect your professional and personal life. It is possible that it could result in a felony attached to your record which can follow you around for years. An attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected.

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