Underage DUI charge in Maryland? 3 things you need to know

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After months of studying and exams, it is finally the end of the school year. Many will be moving back home for the summer, while others will stay in the area, focusing on working to save up money for the next academic year. If you are one of the students sticking around, you will want to be careful about letting loose at the local bars or parties, as even a first time arrest for drunk driving can land you in jail.

Maryland takes underage drunk driving very seriously. Even just a first time offense can lead to jail time, a fine and license suspension. Here are some things you should know about underage drunk driving in Maryland.

No. 1: You don’t have to be drunk to get a DUI

Maryland has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to being under the legal drinking age and driving. This means that you can be sober, maybe only having one beer, but still arrested and charged with drunk driving for the simple fact that you had alcohol in your system.

No. 2: You may be facing additional charges to the DUI

It’s not something many will readily admit – especially to a parent or police – but plenty of college students also carry fake ids. At the time of your arrest though, if you are caught with having a fake id, this can result in another charge – on top of the drunk driving charge.

No. 3: Drunk driving costs can be astronomical

Never mind the fact that a drunk driving conviction often comes with a hefty fine. Having a DUI on your driving record will also result in higher insurance premiums for years to come. This means you will continue to pay for the DUI every time you pay your insurance.

As a college student, you no doubt have enough on your plate. The idea of having expensive fines on top of student loan payments one day is enough to send anyone into a panic. The positive side though, is that an arrest is not a conviction and there may still be time to fight back against your charges.

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