First-Offense DUI Charges in Baltimore

If you or a loved one was charged with DUI, it is wise to act immediately to protect yourself and hire a skilled attorney. A criminal conviction can mean severe consequences. It is my job to fight on your behalf to reduce your exposure to these consequences.

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Pleading Guilty Is Not the Easy Way Out. The Consequences Are Harsh.

Maryland courts take DUI charges very seriously. It is crucial to have a knowledgeable Baltimore first-offense DUI attorney on your side. Typically, a first offense is easier to defend; however, there are serious punishments that a driver might face, including:

  • Up to 12 months in jail
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Up to 120 days of driver’s license suspension
  • Upwards of Eight points on your driving record

An experienced DWI defense attorney can investigate all of the aspects of your offense while developing an effective strategy to minimize your consequences. I will challenge the Breathalyzer results, challenge the blood test results, challenge the validity of the initial stop and attempt to get as much evidence excluded from the proceedings as possible. Trust me to aggressively fight on your behalf.

License Suspension

In Maryland, a license suspension or revocation hearing is a separate matter from the DUI hearing. You typically have 10 days to request a hearing with the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). I can represent you through this administrative hearing as well as your criminal hearing.

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