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July 2014 Archives

Ruling to remove about 1,800 names from sex crime registry

A new ruling from a Maryland court could lead to as many as one in four names being removed from the state’s sex-offender registry. The ruling was issued by the Maryland Appeals Court on June 30. Justices decided that some of the sex crime registry members had their constitutional rights violated when they were added to the list.

Maryland man charged with sex crimes

A young man from Waldorf was charged with deceiving a male friend about engaging in a sex act via a message on Facebook. The 20-year-old man allegedly lied to a male companion about engaging in a sex act with a female at a hotel room. When the friend said he wasn’t interested, the man lied to him stating a woman had expressed a sexual interest in him and wanted to meet with him at a local hotel.

Adult women given help with solicitation and prostitution sweep

A nationwide sex crimes sweep has led to the recovery of two minor girls in Maryland -- along with the arrest of five people who are accused of sexually exploiting those youngsters. The girls were found through the Operation Cross Country endeavor, which seeks to ferret out solicitation and prostitution related to sex trafficking throughout the country. In addition to the two girls, three adult women were given assistance by Maryland authorities in connection with the case.

Man from Maryland jailed for child porn sentence

Charges for child pornography can lead to jail time and fines, and you may face unwanted scrutiny at work or at home. You aren't guilty of a crime until you're convicted, and it's important that you remember that you have every right to see a defense that can protect you from a bias in the courts. Your case could be similar to this one that took place in Maryland.