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September 2018 Archives

How a DUI can impact your driving privileges

Sometimes, one of the most onerous penalties involved with getting a DUI is the loss of driving privileges. The Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) can suspend a person's driver's license for 45 days for a first DUI offense. That increases to 90 days for a second offense. In some cases, a person's license can be revoked completely.

Could Brett Kavanaugh face criminal charges in Maryland?

The confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh hit a major snag recently when allegations of attempted rape were made public. The woman making the accusation says that over 30 years ago at a party in Chevy Chase, when both were in high school, Kavanaugh held her down, covered her mouth so that she couldn't scream and tried to remove her swimming suit.

Study looks at alcohol-related fatal crashes around colleges

Alcohol is part of many young people's college experience. It's been estimated that over 60 percent of students in American colleges and universities drink, even though most of them haven't yet reached the legal drinking age.

What is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test?

If you were pulled over for suspected drunk driving and officers administered the standard roadside field sobriety tests, one of them was the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test. This may have just seemed like an officer was shining a light in your eyes and asking you to follow their finger. How could that determine whether you were under the influence, and can it be used in court to convict you?

DUIs can impact your child's future at college and beyond

For many college students, drinking is part of the college experience. As parents, you hope that your kids don't overdo it. However, if they have even a few drinks on an empty stomach and get behind the wheel, they can find themselves under arrest for DUI. If they're not yet 21, they may face underage drinking charges as well.

Sexual assault on airplanes carries federal penalties

Sexual assault on a commercial airplane is a federal crime that can carry a two-year prison sentence. It's becoming more common -- or at least more commonly reported. In the past four years, there's been a 30 percent increase in the number of cases of sexual assault aboard airplanes under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

How cold weather impacts ignition interlock devices

If you're one of the many Marylanders who's going to be driving this winter with an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your car as the result of a DUI or DWI conviction, it's important to know how the cold weather can impact these devices. Two elements of Maryland's often intense winters can impact whether an IID will work -- and consequently, whether you'll be able to operate your vehicle.