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February 2016 Archives

The role of pre-trial motions in a DUI case

In our last post, we talked about the many different defense tactics that can viably help someone who has been charged with a drunk driving offense. Today, we're going to talk about another important part of a person's defense when they are accused of a drunk driving offense: making a motion before trial.

Some viable defense tactics to a DUI charge

Before we get into this topic, it is important to realize that the defense's strategy in any criminal case -- DUI or not -- depends entirely on the circumstances and details of that particular case. Each criminal case is going to be unique and different in its own way. Not every defense strategy is going to work or even be viable in a given case.

The many consequences of getting a DUI

Imagine for a moment that you are out celebrating a new job or a birthday with friends on a Friday night. You have a few drinks as part of the evening, and when it comes time to leave, you insist that you are okay to drive. You truly mean that, and you don't feel drunk -- but that doesn't mean that your blood has an alcohol level that is acceptable by legal standards. So you drive your friends home thinking all is well.

Understanding the legal system re sex crimes in Maryland

Being accused of criminal wrongdoing often has potentially long-lasting negative effects on a person's life. Especially when allegations involve sex crimes, the future of the accused may include having to register as an offender if a conviction is handed down. In light of the seriousness of such matters, it is typically advisable to retain experienced legal guidance when preparing to face such charges in Maryland.

The importance of thorough investigation re drunk driving charges

Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in Maryland places your reputation, driving privileges and potential future success at risk. When conducting a search or making an arrest, law enforcement agents are bound to adhere to a strict set of regulations and protocol that protect the personal rights of the accused. Building a strong defense against drunk driving charges often hinges upon the conducting of a thorough investigation into the details leading up to and following an arrest.

Fight for tougher DUI sentencing is personal in Maryland

It can be hard to fight against personal arguments. No one wants to diminish the pain that someone might be feeling following the loss of a loved one. For example, one father in Maryland is currently helping to fight for stricter DUI laws in the state. His fight stems from the recent loss of his son to a drunk driving accident. 

Parent opinion about underage drinking doesn't impact the law

Are you a parent of a teenager? Do you know how your child feels about alcohol use or if he or she consumes alcohol? How do you feel and talk about underage drinking around your child? A parent's attitude about whether minors should drink can have a significant effect on whether their kid engages in underage drinking. 

Is Big Brother Watching Your Online Activity?

The Fourth Amendment gives every U.S. citizen the right to privacy. The government can only invade your home, search your person - or monitor your emails or Internet activity - in certain circumstances. Unless stringent requirements are met, any unwarranted invasion of privacy by police departments or federal agents is unconstitutional and illegal.

Impactful part of sex crime sentencing: sex offender registry

When many people think of sentencing following criminal convictions, they think of prison sentences. Maybe they think of community service, probation or fines, too. But when it comes to a specific category of criminal offenses in Maryland, there is another highly powerful aspect of a person's sentence. 

Looking at the legality of traffic checkpoints, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the legality of checkpoints in general, and of a particular checkpoint permitted by Hartford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler last November. One of the points we wanted to highlight in this discussion is that police officers participating in drunken driving checkpoints do have the right to ability to enforce other criminal laws, but only incidentally.